November, 2012

girl with raining golden glitters

sometimes I really want to escape

Have you ever had that feeling of wanting to pack a few essential things and leave. A departure that may seem a ...


Kate who?

I'm sure you've already heard about her...but it worths talking again... Sono sicura che ne avete già sentito ...

The Parka affair

The Parka affair by marilovegr33n featuring a parka jacketTrue Religion hooded ...

Red color \ colore rosso

“When in doubt, wear red.” —Bill Blass "Quando sei in dubbio indossa il rosso" - Bill Blass

welcome cold_a window in Rome

Green inspiration #96_A kitchen with a view

The noise of the rain and the wind made ​​me feel never alone. Today. The sudden downpour and the following quiet ...

Tuesday glitter_happy fashion girl

Green inspiration #95_I wish you a glittery night

In a quiet and now dark November Tuesday ... I hope you will come across a sudden shower of glitter... In un ...


The Good girl / Bad Girl thing_Anna Sui

Maybe because I'm always looking for the right balance between being a dolly girl or a rocky girl... Forse perché ...



Always looking for something nice to happen .... to the point that I seek it continuously ... Alla continua ricerca ...


Never go to sleep without

There are some rules that one needs to respect...ever...first of all my teddybear! Ci sono delle regole che devono ...

GoodMorning _girl

It’s sunday morning and I’m simply happy!

Because I'm simply happy this way... Perché io sono felice così... semplicemente...


Green inspiration #95_Is she L..ST? WHAT?

How would you complete this word? Come completereste queste parola?


An urban little mermaid_I ❤ contrasts

The colors of a summer sunset. A skirt of synthetic feathers and a wool sweater cognac color. An urban little ...