#F\W 2012 trends?!? the first 5 points

October 12, 2012

the original image is taken from  http://www.teampeterstigter.com/, but I went trough it here http://www.thelonelygreenshoe.com/

I need a some time after the “Fashion Weeks”. To metabolize trends. To elaborate my own opinion. To understand how to use them. How to reinterpret. How to transform them adapting to my style. From the runway to street style. Outfits, prints, fabrics, details, accessories and a common desire to emerge. Trying to get noticed in the more glittery and shiny world of Fashion even when the shades are just of gray. Slowly, I’m creating my virtual closet. Hopefully more ordered than the real one. Many categories. Well organized like the “wardrobe area” from Ikea. When you are there you feel like, from that moment on,  you could do the same! This is what is coming soon. But today I begin, from a single image. I was literally captured. 5 trends of the moment as the Le Corbusier’s 5 points of Architecture

1. A beige cape jacket (similar to a trench) reminiscent of the jacket just put on the shoulders \ 2. Printed fabrics: floral | marine theme \ 3. Sandals because Summer is not so far \ 4. Necklace \ 5. Natural makeup

The result? Well, I’ll leave you to judge!

Ci metto sempre un pò dopo le “Settimane della Moda”. A metabolizzare i trend. A farmi la mia opinione. A capire come utilizzarli. Reinterpretarli. Trasformarli adattandoli al mio stile. Dalle passerelle allo streetstyle. Outfits, stampe, tessuti, dettagli, accessori e voglia di emergere. Farsi notare nel mondo della Moda, il più glitterato e scintillante, anche quando le sfumature sono solo di grigio. Piano piano creo il mio armadio virtuale. Si spera più ordinato di quello reale. Ve lo mostrerò per categorie. Ben organizzate come la sezione “guardaroba” di Ikea. E ti sembra che anche tu, da quel momento in poi, ce la potrai fare. Ma oggi comincio, da una sola immagine. Mi ha letteralmente catturata. 5 trend del momento proprio come i 5 punti dell’architettura di Le Corbusier:

1. Il trench a mantella beige che ricorda la giacca rigorosamente appoggiata sulle spalle \ 2. Tessuti stampati: tema floreale | marino \ 3. Sandali per sentirsi ancora un pò in Estate \ 4. Collana gioiello \ 5. Makeup naturale 

Il risultato??? Beh, lascio a voi giudicare! 

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24 Responses to “#F\W 2012 trends?!? the first 5 points”

  1. juju says:

    che bello quel trench!!
    è uno di quei capi che non dovrebbe mai mancare nel guardaroba di una ragazza…

    • marilovesgr33n says:

      ciao carissima! eh sì hai perfettamente ragione! a me piace tutto l’outfit perché sa essere classico e originale! xxx

  2. Gyption says:

    Awesome outfit and the leggings were totally unexpected, yet so perfect!

  3. Thanks for the Like 🙂 love your blog I am now a follower.

  4. caroline1t says:

    I absolutely love that cape…. I’ve been looking everywhere for one that fits well with my wardrobe.

    • marilovesgr33n says:

      why? What makes your wardrobe so difficult? 🙂

      • caroline1t says:

        Ha! Nothing really, I just can’t decide which style I really want…

      • marilovesgr33n says:

        yes that’s normal! I like that cape very much, but I probably would never wear it! Because it is not my style at all! But I would wear all the rest of the outfit probably with a black leather jacket 😛

  5. this outfit is really nice, lucky you that have those kind of event close, now I have a new camera so my new work is gonna be go out and show you how we wear outhere… 😉 ahhh and by the way thank for your likes, Im following you now.

  6. Sofia says:

    Awesome look! Love the cape!
    Have a great weekend!


  7. janinevasta says:

    Che dirti Mari? Adoro anch’io questo look. Tanto. In ogni particolare. Super brava sempre!!! x

  8. Absolutely stunning!!! Great blog girl!!!
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  9. fashionismee says:

    I loved your choices 🙂

    • marilovesgr33n says:

      Thank you! It’s so difficult to understand what you really like and what you don’t. I’m trying to write other posts about it! muah

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