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October 11, 2012

This time I’m talking about her. This time I’m talking about me. This time we did it together.This is our post. We have met not a long time ago. An everlasting passion. This time is a funny day. Sun, beach and a lot of stones. In the memory of an amazing Summer day I’d like to introduce MISSEYCHELLES (http://misseychelles.wordpress.com/) to you. I hope you will enjoy as much as we did!

Questa volta parlo di lei. Questa volta parlo di me. Questa volta lo abbiamo fatto in due. Questa volta è il nostro post. Amiche da poco, una passione da sempre. Questa volta è una giornata esilarante tra sole, mare e tanti sassi. Nel ricordo di  una giornata d’estate vi presento MISSEYCHELLES (http://misseychelles.wordpress.com/) . Spero vi divertirete quanto ci siamo divertite noi! 

This time I’m talking about her. This time I’m talking about me. This time we did it together. P.S. If you are a blogger like this post! ❤ Se sei un blogger clikka “mi piace! ❤ 

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54 Responses to “We are bloggers!!!”

  1. mbneve says:

    Sono le prime foto in cui ti vedo ridere e sorridere 🙂 Bellissime!

    • marilovesgr33n says:

      Wow grazieee! Non mi piace farmi fotografare e quindi di solito sono molto tesa. Ma questa volta mi stavo divertendo e non pensando alla foto ero spontanea. Smiling is always better. Forse aveva ragione YSL: “Il miglio vestito è sempre un sorriso” 🙂

  2. freebirdmani says:

    Impressive, good start for the future. Looking forward to your Blogging experiences. Good Luck.

    • marilovesgr33n says:

      ei great words! If the future is so much fun, beautiful places and friend…It can’t be a better one! Hope to read from you again and again! bacio

      • freebirdmani says:

        Absolutely 🙂 Bacio…
        Precious moments of life, live, enjoy and blog .. thank you for your visits too and eh, good times ahead.


      • marilovesgr33n says:

        You are more than welcome Mani. Let’s see if we can go further! Enjoy your day!

  3. Fab photos – looks like you guys had a great day!
    That boat looks fantastic!

    • marilovesgr33n says:

      yeah! It definitely was! The boat was a little small but so stylish and charming! The name of the boat was “Principessa” that means “Princess”. Thanks for liking :-*

  4. Amazing pictures! Can’t wait to see more!

  5. Nice post! I’m blogger too! Big kisses for you two 😉

  6. Snow says:

    Stunning photos! xoxo

  7. Tiny Micia says:

    Amazing photos. Love em to bits :).x

  8. liked it! nice pics and, I love being a blogger!!! 😀

  9. Annina says:

    bellissime foto!:)

    grazie per essere passata da me.. sono diventata tua follower!:)



  10. visited so many blogs , but not found this kind of post specially about ” Bloggers ” ! & i am an amateur blogger 🙂 , Happy blogging .

  11. looked like a great day with a good friend! You know I just love your blog, it cheers me up every Friday. <3

    • marilovesgr33n says:

      It is exactly what it looks like! I didn’t know before but I’m very happy to read it! Hope your week end would be amazing! love xxx

  12. kookyswank says:

    Cute pictures 😀
    xoxo M&M

  13. amazing blog,,, your latest follower


  14. Stunning black sand. Where were they taken?

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