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October 10, 2012

Fashion and architecture are two words I’ve always used. Since I dressed and dressed again my “Barbie”. Since my father and I spent time building houses with “Lego” on Sundays. I combined them, by chance. In an instinctive way. As a child who acts without thinking. Who speaks without modesty. Who does what he\she likes and what makes him\her just happy. Who doesn’t make questions. Now I’ve grown up, but those words still occupy my mind. Continuously. Incessantly. For too long I’ve listened only to a part. To the more rational. The discipline which “dresses the places” (architecture) and not the one which “lives the bodies” (fashion) – ‘Benjamin Franklin’. But then, somehow, at some point, I suddenly stopped to avoid thinking. It happened few months ago. I’ve decided to be one of those -privileged- ones who try to follow their dreams. I’ve always been told to “go down the clouds.” But I have already dropped those clouds too many times. Now I’m up again. By chance or maybe not. Lightly – in appearance. With fear, hesitation and uncertainty – in reality. For sure I’m there. And I’m trying to go farther. This time. If I fail!?!? I will then realize it’s not my way. Not this time.

Moda e architettura sono parole che uso da sempre. Da quando vestivo e rivestivo la mia “Barbie”. Da quando con mio padre costruivo le case con i Lego di Domenica. Le ho messe insieme così, per caso. In modo istintivo. Come fa un bambino che agisce senza pensare. Che parla senza pudore. Che fa quello che gli piace. Che lo rende felice. Che non si interroga. Ora sono grande, ma quelle parole occupano la mia mente. Continuamente. Incessantemente. Per troppo tempo ho dato ascolto solo a una parte. A quella più razionale, alla disciplina che “veste i luoghi” (architettura) e non a quella che “abita i corpi” (moda) – Benjamin Franklyn. Però poi, non so come, a un certo punto, improvvisamente ho smesso di evitare di pensare. Ho deciso di essere tra quei privilegiati che provano a seguire i loro sogni. Mi hanno sempre detto di “scendere dalle nuvole”. Ma io da quelle nuvole sono scesa già troppe volte. Ora sono salita di nuovo. Per caso o forse no. Con leggerezza – in apparenza. Con paura, titubanza e incertezza – in realtà. Ma ora sono qui. Provo ad andare fino in fondo. Stavolta. E se non ci riesco? Finalmente saprò che non era la mia strada. Non questa volta.  

Prada real fantasies lookbook

These images are from “Prada real fantasies 2011 Campaign” and from the Rem Koolhaas Prada flagship in NYC (Prada epicenter in New York)_the perfect synthesis of the two worlds. Queste immagini sono state prese da “Prada real fantasies 2011 Campaign” e dalle foto del flagship di Prada a NYC progettato da Rem Koolhaas.

The three images below show how a dress or an accessory could match the space. Le tre immagini qui sotto mostrano come un vestito o un accessorio possono collegarsi allo spazio.

Two interiors: fashion with its textiles is necessary to architecture and viceversa. Due interni: la moda con i suoi tessuti è necessaria all’architettura e viceversa.

Drawings could be another way of inspiration. I disegni possono essere un altra forma di ispirazione. 

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29 Responses to “Fashion & architecture_what I wrote last night”

  1. sten8 says:

    Go for it, Mari!

    • marilovesgr33n says:

      Yes, I’ll do! Still looking for the best direction!
      P.S. Unfortunately you know my sense of direction well 😀

  2. yeah x) do it, be what you want to be, not what the wordl tell you!
    I feel that way too x) and I am going for ti. Good luck x) xoxo

    • marilovesgr33n says:

      wow! I need those words! I need to know that there is someone else walking on the same way! I’m sure we have to believe in it, but sometimes is scary. Good luck to you, too, my friend! ❤

      • Stylish Rogue says:

        Yes, it’s true, sometimes it is scary!! but you are a unique piece 🙂 and I believe that you are and feel a certain way for a reason. Follow your heart it’s where all the good things are ❤

      • marilovesgr33n says:

        Your comment will be “my comment of the whole month” :P. There are people who will never feel like this for their all life…so I hope you are right…and if we feel like this, there is a reason somewhere. Thanks a lot…more then you can imagine bella!

      • Stylish Rogue says:

        Ohhh thank you 😀 I’m really glad that I helped you x) And it feels good to know that someone feels the same way I do 😀 We are going to be GREAT 🙂 <3

      • marilovesgr33n says:

        in a few words! that’s it! keep on going!

  3. Dip It Black says:

    Love this post!
    Reach for the sky honey!
    Nothing lower, is worth reaching for ;).


    • marilovesgr33n says:

      Oh wow! I can’t stop feeling surprised and excited for all the love people here is able to express. I feel every day more comfortable to speak about my feelings, because I know you can understand deeply! Muah bellezza

  4. janinevasta says:

    Un post affascinante Mari….davvero. Brava che sei salita di nuovo, anche se un po’ di paura si sente. Ma e’ giusto cosi’, no? Un abbraccio tesoro. x

    • marilovesgr33n says:

      Grazie Janine! stavolta devo cercare di non scendere! cerco di allacciare le cinture il più stretto possibile :P! un abbraccio anche a te

  5. With perseverance, diligence, learning from mistakes = dreams do come true principessa! XO!

    • marilovesgr33n says:

      Ei Jeannie, I hoped you would comment. You knew me since the very beginning some months ago and I’ ve always shared with you my uncertainty! your words mean a lot to me! I hope I’m going to share something great with you sooner or later!

      • JeannieRichard says:

        I am bowled by your impression of me! And I am confident of you that you will incredibly credible. Time will tell and I too, hope to make a mark in the coming times 😀 So together, let’s witness each other’s “evolution” principessa XO!

      • marilovesgr33n says:

        Exactly! “a mark in the coming times”, because we all have a path and possibly a destination. I perfectly know you can understand me, probably better then my hundred of words…sometimes confused…especially in English..especially when feelings go faster than mind.

  6. So beautifully written. Mari, you have all my support! You can do it Bella! Believe and you will succeed!

  7. “Never Stop Dreaming”. True that!

    • marilovesgr33n says:

      Ei mathieu! This is what I really believe in…but sometimes is harder than ever! xxx

      • mathieuduijst says:

        Of course, but never stop. You get what you want, you get what you earn and if you can visualize it, it will come true! Keep that in mind.

      • marilovesgr33n says:

        wow! I really need these words! I’m sure this is the way, I only sometimes loose my sense of direction. Share on the blog my doubts is always the right choice to go back on the road! Enjoy reading your comment and following your blog from now on!

      • mathieuduijst says:

        Thanks, following you as well! I like it that you enjoy reading. I don’t ever knew if someone really read it or just pressed like. You’re the first one who admits! Thanks for that!

      • marilovesgr33n says:

        I guess people want to read! Not always not everybody, but if you write well people go back to know what it is new. Blogging is always a difficult balance between everything. mmm this is my opinion I’m still quite new here 😛

      • Well, same as me! Just started haha! I think it is pretty fun though!

      • Pretty fun & pretty hard sometimes! Good luck bella!

  8. Questo post me lo ero perso.
    Va bhè, sai come la penso.

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