#10 random moments from my week end

It has just ended. And I’m telling about it, this way. With some photos I personally took. Some images I found by chance. Some others I hardly came into. This time I’m using very few words. I think it will be easier to empathize with all of you, this way. The last weekend of September. While outside it was raining. ❤❤❤

E’ appena finito. E io ve lo racconto così. Con qualche immagine scattata da me. Qualche immagine trovata per caso. Qualche trovata a fatica. Questa volta di parole ne uso poche. Così, penso, sia più facile immedesimarvi. L’ultimo fine settimana di settembre. Mentre fuori pioveva. ❤❤❤

#0_Rainy days

#1_Vanilla tea

#2_Sunday surfing

#3_Zara shopping

#4_Eating poisonous food with friends

#5_Ph.D thinking

#6_reading in order to wear my Prada eyewear

#7_Romics_Roma 2012

#8_sleeping as much as I can

#9_winning something for the 1st time_thanks to

#10_simple things that make me happy