Fashion foliage_my wishlist_Fall 2012

September 28, 2012

Sporty casual. A sweatshirt worn with a sheath dress, with heels or with a necklace. A blazer on the shoulders. A parka with giant sunglasses. Chic with long leather gloves. Shocking with animal printed t-shirts. Totally rock with studs and all black. Provocative in cartoon printed jumpers inspired by Phillip Lim. Frivolous and arrogant with black laced tights and long socks. Shy with stars and dots . Protagonist. Disheveled. Shameless. Educated and naive with man-horn rimmed big eyewear. Little to no makeup. Sweet, but not very romantic. Complex, intriguing and above all,  with all that leather, definitely “cat woman”.

Sportiva. Una felpa. Indossata con un tubino, con il tacco 12 o con una collana gioiello. Un blazer appoggiato sulle spalle. Un parka con occhiali giganti. Chic con i guanti lunghi di pelle. Shock con le t-shirt stampate. Molto rock con le borchie e tanto nero. Provocatoria con le stampe a fumetto di Phillip Lim. Frivola e spavalda. Timida. Protagonista. Scompigliata. Sfacciata. Educata e ingenua con gli occhiali grandi con montatura da uomo. Truccate, poco. Dolci, ma poco romantiche. Complesse, intriganti e sopratutto, con tutta questa pelle, decisamente “cat woman”. 

 Zara lookbook fall 2012

 Calzedonia Fall 2012

 Calzedonia Fall 2012 Zara sweatshirt Spring 2012 collection + jewels necklace Calzedoni Fall 2012 Zara Fall 2012  25,95 EUR

 Calzedonia Fall 2012

Calzedonia Fall 2012

Calzedonia Fall 2012 Zara Fall 2012

Zara Fall 2012

 Chic Muse_Philipp Lim jumper + Topshop parka + Louboutin heels

Zara Fall 2012 Panther T-shirt 19,95 EUR

Classic Blazer  49,95 EURGilet 99,95 EUR

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45 Responses to “Fashion foliage_my wishlist_Fall 2012”

  1. retrocharmstar says:

    I have to own a pair of leather pants soon. Cute looks!

  2. janinevasta says:

    Love the heels/parker combo Mari. Un post interessantissimo. Peccato che per noi l’autunno e’ lontano! Abbiamo ancora da affrontare l’estate!

  3. Katie says:

    I’ve been thinking about getting a pair of leather pants for this fall… After looking at this I’m seriously considering going for it!

  4. LAND OF FUN says:

    So much attractive and charming !

  5. federica di vincenzo says:

    Everything is so cute in this post! But … laboutin heels, i cannot live without!

  6. Love everything from your wish list! The Parka from Topshop is really nice, I wanted one from Zara but maybe I change my mind 😉 XO

  7. faccina87 says:

    Post azzeccato! Pelle e borchie ovunque. Prossimo acquisto: collant a pois!

  8. fashionismee says:

    I love the new collection of ZARA

  9. .saboskirt. says:

    These are cute outfits. They all look great.

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!
    SHOP: http://www.saboskirt.com
    BLOG: http://www.saboskirt.blogspot.com

  10. Volevo scriverti le mie foto preferite, ma..posso dirti la verità? Le ADORO tutte!!Ottima selezione!

    STEPHILà CREATIONS-Myfashionblog

  11. Raluca Marinescu says:

    Reblogged this on Ralucauca's Blog and commented:
    Autumn 2012 wishlist!

  12. Ms.Beltempo says:

    love all of these photos! Great inspiration on a Monday!

  13. tocksin says:

    Images transport us into the possible moving us closer to becoming an image of what we want to be.

  14. tocksin says:

    images transport us to place where we become the image of what we want to be

  15. everything from Calzedonia looks amazing! x

  16. Like the pictures. I think ZARA is a nice shop, I never heard of Calzedonia, but after reading your amazing inspiration post I will absolutely take a look!

    • marilovesgr33n says:

      :D. Calzedonia is mainly a socks and leggings and beachwears. It is definitely great and with very good prices. There is not a shop online so I hope you have one in your Country. In Italy it is very famous!

  17. I agree with your wish list and I found some interesting star-tights that I may buy from Calzedonia asap. Even if the fall is not that cold, YET. Kisses!

  18. Great looks! Will have to go shopping now 🙂

  19. Great looks I especially like the
    gloves with the fingers out!

  20. I love the Philip lim top!

  21. Paul Smith says:

    Nice styling. Girl’s clothes are so much more interesting than boys! Love the Zara boots particularly.

  22. Great looks all,and you cannot go wrong with black!

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