Never be fooled by appearances_the Rottweiler RTW

September 18, 2012

Which dog would you like to wear? The German Shepherd by Balenciaga or the Rottweiler by Givenchy? … I have no doubt. Threatening and aggressive these t-shirts invite you to show your most aggressive and determined face, at least in appearance. Just like the Rottweiler obedient and docile by nature. Fierce and rebellious ONLY for defense. Provocative and metropolitan they definitely do not go unnoticed. The capsule collection revived by Riccardo Tisci can be loved or hated.  It can even be considered offensive but it exactly reflects his concept of beauty “something between the extremely ugly and extremely fantastic.”

Quale cane indossereste? Il pastore tedesco di Balenciaga o il Rottweiler di Givenchy?…io non ho dubbi. Minacciose e aggressive queste t-shirt invitano a mostrarsi grintose e determinate, almeno all’apparenza. Proprio come il Rottweiler obbediente e docile per natura. Feroce e ribelle SOLO per difesa. Provocatorie e metropolitane non passano inosservate. La capsule collection riproposta da Riccardo Tisci puoi amarla o odiarla, perfino considerarla offensiva ma rispecchia il suo concetto di bellezza “qualcosa a metà tra l’estremamente brutto e l’estremamente fantastico”. 

The real face of a Rottweiler. Fashion sometimes distorts reality \ La vera faccia di un  Rottweiler. La moda talvolta distorce la realtà

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36 Responses to “Never be fooled by appearances_the Rottweiler RTW”

  1. federica di vincenzo says:

    Di certo io adoro i nuovi orecchini della sua collezione!

    • D’accordo! Ultimamente sono ossessionata da Givenchy! Vorrei essere decisa e originale proprio come lo stile che propone. Il mio sogno sarebbe conoscere il suo direttore artistico. Any idea? baci fede

  2. “something between the extremely ugly and extremely fantastic.”
    perfect phrase.

    i actually love it when designers use disturbing or otherwise offensive designs. It’s very interesting and beautiful in its own way

  3. bexbagan says:

    love the contrast, Rottweiler’s are so cute!!!

  4. Media always distorts reality.

  5. Im in love with this tshirt!!!
    I really need one!


  6. NAZAKA says:

    Reblogged this on NAZAKA and commented:
    Fashion either puts thing ins the right prospective or twist it all on the wrong direction both ways makes questions and want answers in return.

  7. klynnetree says:

    Love this. My cousins had a rotty. She was the sweetest thing. Her name was Queeny and she was one.


  8. If I were a woman, I’d wear that outfit when I want to go out in the streets, beating up thugs!

  9. oh wow! that sounds good! so we have the same taste! I’ll wear it asap!

  10. natfee says:

    Interesting… don’t know if I personally could rock that look, but I like it in the photos you featured! Cool idea 🙂

  11. youlovemeoh says:

    Love it, have it already

  12. I love these shirts! Def adding that to my wish list!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂
    Keep in touch


  13. Tabitha says:

    That is an adorable puppy. ^-^
    And I love those boots.

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