from a dream slowly back to reality

August 29, 2012

Finally these seven days have passed. Quick, fast, unstoppable. I am struggling to find the right words for this post, because images and memories overlap and overlapping they confuse everything. The place where I’ve been is full of suggestions and inspirations. I have a lot to tell and show: from a beach as black as coal to a deep blue sea as lapis lazuli; from the white houses with flowers of intense colors to the black volcano that often erupts  shining fires. Today I’m going to show you just something…confused, instinctive, as I feel …. messy moments, small pieces of my vacation…I need to add a lot of other emotions to be able to rebuild it entirely. These are few suggestions useful for me to slowly return to reality and I hope to you to share something with me. I wonder if any of you have ever been to this island?or to something similar? … slowly back everyday life.

E alla fine anche questi sette giorni sono passati. Veloci, rapidi, inarrestabili. Ho difficoltà a trovare le parole per questo post, perché le immagini e i ricordi si accavallano sovrapponendosi e confondendosi. Il posto dove sono stata è carico di suggestioni e ispirazioni…ho molto da raccontare e da mostrare: da una spiaggia nera come il carbone, a un mare blu intenso come il lapislazulo; dalle case bianche con i fiori di colori intensi a un vulcano che spesso eruttava fuochi colorati. Oggi vi mostro solo qualcosa, in modo confuso, istintivo, così come mi va….momenti disordinati, piccoli pezzi della mia vacanza ai quali aggiungere molte altre emozioni, per poterla ricostruire interamente. Queste poche suggestioni servono a me per ritornare lentamente alla realtà e spero a voi per condividere qualcosa con me. Chissà se qualcuno di voi è stato su quest’isola? e su una simile?…lentamente si ritorna alla vita quotidiana.


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40 Responses to “from a dream slowly back to reality”

  1. I haven’t been to Stromboli. In fact, I haven’t been to any Italian islands yet and I’m an island person. There are so places I want to see, but Stromboli is very high on my list.

    Your pictures are beautiful.

    In the future I’m going to try to read your posts in Italian first then in English. I’m so glad you write in both languages.

  2. This has always been my dream place to live since a child – the white square roofed houses on the cliff overlooking the endless ocean. One day!

    • When I saw those houses in traditional Eolian style I thought that contemporary architecture hasn’t created anything new…beautiful white houses are part of Italian typical small villages facing the Mediterranean sea. I wish your dream turns into reality a day!

  3. la foto sul “panarea muretto” è bellissima!! ^_^

  4. Annette says:

    Fabulous pictures. It’s a dream of mine to learn to speak Italian. How lovely to see your Italian translation featured also.

    • Ciao Annette! If you want to learn Italian you can practice with me! For me it’s strange to write in both languages. I sometimes write in Italian first and then translate…some other times I write in English…I think that it’s not exactly the same and the content is always changing a bit. I’m happy you appreciate!

  5. juju says:

    ottime foto, è dura riprendere con la vita di tutti i giorni… però come faresti a goderti le vacanze se fosse sempre così?! anch’io come te prendo ispirazione dai miei viaggi e imparo sempre qualcosa di nuovo… è così eccitante!

  6. julialinn says:

    Wow really beautiful pictures, it must have been amazing!!

  7. Love your pictures Marinella, those pictures just makes me envy you more… lol 🙂

  8. it looks lovely! really amazing photos x

  9. janinevasta says:

    Che bella confusione…bentornata, pian piano. x

  10. Belle foto…il ritorno è sempre traumatico. Io, nella mia mente, sono ancora in mare a godermi l’acqua fresca! Non sono mai ritornata a casa!

    Bentornata, cmq!

    baci, mel

  11. Seems like a perfect vacation!
    So you DID enjoy a lot, eh?
    The architecture and the entire background setting is just too distinct and mesmerizing.
    Italy and Spain are on top of my list when it comes to explorations and vacations. Hope I manage to visit these amazing countries one day.

    PS: I wanta learn Italian too! Teach me PUHLEEZZ!

    • it was! full of many new & beautiful places to discover. Italy and Spain are like “brothers”, but there are so many cute places in the world!
      PS. Parliamo italiano allora. ciaooo

      • I know!
        Spain’s architecture is simply breath taking and Italy is obviously enriched with such amazing history. That makes an epic combination 🙂

        Di sicuro!
        Ma avete avuto modo di insegnare a me!

  12. Granita e “Brioscha” La colazione perfetta!!

    Io sono stata in Sicilia l’estate scorsa e l’ho adorata!! Una terra stupenda!


  13. iaiaecris says:

    really fabulous!
    Kiss Cris

  14. jeweliette23 says:

    I like your mismatched bikini, wish I could see more of it!

  15. I just looked at the pictures, and I didn’t want to leave– must have been almost overwhelming in person! Hope readjusting to reality hasn’t been too wrenching for you… : )

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