Imperfection versus perfection!

July 25, 2012

1. Yayoi Kusama

2. Kate Moss_Dior

3. Ashley Smith

4. Dior_be iconic_parfum _Daphne Groeneveld

5. Loverdose Diesel_Ashley Smith

6.  Dior_be iconic_parfum _Daphne Groeneveld

I thought to be immune to the influence of TV spots. I look at it superficially. They numb me, but they don’t buy me. This time I was wrong. I’ll tell you more, it has not happened once. It has happened twice. Both times it was a parfume affair. Frivolous, carefree and playful atmosphere the first time. Sensual, mysterious, and magnetic, the second. Imperfections that affect. Details that remain etched. Smiles that disturb.
I’m not going to show them as they are. I put them together in this scrapbook. It is not the image itself that matters, but the confused, overlapped, disordered sequence!

Credevo di essere immune all’influenza degli spot televisivi. Li guardo con superficialità. Mi imbambolano, ma non mi comprano. Invece stavolta mi sbagliavo. Non è capitato una volta sola. E’ capitato per ben due volte. Tutte e due le volte si tratta di profumi. Atmosfera frivola, spensierata e giocosa la prima volta. Sensuale, misteriosa e magnetica la seconda. Imperfezioni che colpiscono. Dettagli che rimangono impressi. Sorrisi capaci di turbare.
Non ve li mostro così come sono. Li ho messi insieme in questo scrapbook. Infatti non è l’immagine in sè che conta, ma la successione confusa, sovrapposta, disordinata dei fotogrammi!

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2 Responses to “Imperfection versus perfection!”

  1. tamedfaddism says:

    i like that you’ve noticed it – i’m just as confused as the next guy – you just never know what’s perfect and what isn’t

    great post by the way!!!

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