Green inspiration #75_MADE IN ITALY

July 25, 2012

This post is 100 % MADE IN ITALY.1931. Roma. Italy. Monica Vitti. An actress. Theatre. Cinema. TV. A contemporary beauty. A timeless style. I guess Dior should have taken her for one of its “be iconic” spot. An icon for all generations. She is Italian. ❤

Questo post è 100% MADE IN ITALY. 1931, Roma. Italia. Monica Vitti. Un’attrice. Di teatro. Di cinema. Di TV. Una bellezza contemporanea. Uno stile senza tempo. Immagino che Dior l’avrebbe dovuta scegliere per uno dei suoi spot “be iconic”. Un icona per qualsiasi generazione. E’ Italiana.  ❤ 

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20 Responses to “Green inspiration #75_MADE IN ITALY”

  1. designtrolls says:

    Such a perfect face. . . Adore the last image – endorses the idea that owners and dogs do look alike 😉

    • that’s so true..I also firmly believe in that idea. I think that a cocker mirrors me perfectly ahhahha!

      • designtrolls says:

        And I feel my Silky Terrier is my perfect match – even though we have decided that our second “child” will be a French Bulldog – I feel that mirrors me as well – at least personality wise 😉

  2. janinevasta says:

    Una donna vera. Stupenda!! Grazie.

  3. tocksin says:

    A big fan of Monica Vitti as seen through the lens of Michelangelo Antonioni. She was his iconic actress. Her slow moving grace and those eyes. Bravo!

    • Sometimes it’s difficult to be Italian…some other times it’s just an honor! thanks for the comment, I appreciate…you talked about something great…these two names are the history of Italian Cinema

      • tocksin says:

        I would totally agree with that, these two are inseparable. I truly believe she had just as much input as he. Funny, but at this moment I have been stretching out the film red desert, I watch it at intervals and have been thinking about writing my thoughts concerning the film. As far as being Italian, what would the world be without the that overriding dedication to the arts. Encore!

      • I’ll be very curious to read your thoughts…are you watching it subtitled?
        We have the creativity, the taste & the style…we sometimes miss of determination and we often give up following our dreams!

      • tocksin says:

        subtitled, but with volume up, it would not be the same film without hearing your beautiful language

        dreams are a funny thing, sometimes they pursue us

      • our language is beautiful. our country is beautiful…everything is beautiful here….but we don’t breathe the air that makes you think that everything it’s possible ‘here’. I don’t know where you are from…but if you are from the States, you probably have a total different attitude that I personally admire a lot. enjoy the film

      • tocksin says:

        America, but like you I have always looked elsewhere for inspiration.
        Thanks, i will enjoy the film and you enjoy your day!

  4. Eva Tornado says:

    she is very beautiful! ^^

  5. She’s beautiful 🙂 and has great eyes!

  6. Meravigliosa ma dove le trovi più donne così???!!!

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