Editorial calendar_yes or not?!?

July 09, 2012

Have you ever heard about the “editorial calendar”? Some days ago I read a very interesting article on IFB about blogging. They explained how important is to plan the content of your blog in order to help you writing (searching the material) and to make it more various and rich. The editorial calendar helps you to work on this and I’ve decided to try for this week. I’m still not sure I’ll respect it, becuase it’s only my first try.  I think it could be useful as a guide, but it should not became an obsession. I ALWAYS WANT TO FEEL FREE TO EXPRESS MYSELF, INSTINCTIVELY!!! What do you think about this?!? tell me your opinion, I’m curios!!!

Avete mai sentito parlare di un “calendario editoriale”? Qualche giorno fa su IFB ho letto un articolo molto interessante su come scrivere un blog. In particolar modo spiegavano quanto sia importante programmare i contenuti del blog sia come aiuto per scrivere e ricercare il materiale, sia per rendere il tuo blog sempre ricco e vario. Il calendario editoriale aiuta proprio a fare questo e ho deciso di provare per questa settimana. Non sono sicura che lo rispetterò, perché è solo una prova. Penso comunque che può essere una utile guida, ma senza diventare una ossessione. VOGLIO COMUNQUE SENTIRMI SEMPRE LIBERA DI ESPRIMERMI, ISTINTIVAMENTE! E voi cosa ne pensate? Fatemi sapere la vostra opinione che sono curiosa!!! 

I love green inspiration’s calendar hypo- tesis:

Monday      : feeling post ❤

Tuesday     : trend post ❤

Wendsday : fashion/interior/architecture post ❤

Thursday   : outfit ❤

Friday        : trend & tips post ❤

Saturday    : outfit ❤

Everyday: Green inspiration mon amour ❤❤❤

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27 Responses to “Editorial calendar_yes or not?!?”

  1. janinevasta says:

    Un’ esperimento interessante senz’altro. Anche se amo la tua imprevedibilita’. 😉 Bacioni. xx

    • si infatti…credo possa essere di aiuto nei momenti di poca creatività…per il resto improvvisiamo che è più divertente! Comunque lo trovo interessante per strutturare meglio un blog! bacio

  2. Can you give us a link to that article; could be very beneficial to many of us.

  3. Yes, I have come across it before but not from IFB… can’t remember where.
    The whole idea is make schedule so that you can be organized and your followers will know what to expect from you. So it’s worth trying!

    • yes most of all is quite useful to help you searching and organizing the material you need. If you know in advance what are you writing you can save time in those periods you don’t have it 😛

  4. seaandswank says:

    I have a rough editorial calendar with a few holes in it (to be filled in by at-the-moment inspiration), but I find myself straying from it sometimes. That said, it’s nice to have a little guide.

    Sea and Swank

  5. IlariaTj says:

    Ciao,si avere una scaletta è una buona cosa, se si riesce a rispettarla! Parlo per me:io non ci riuscirei mai, sono scostante 🙁 e le mie creazioni arrivano quando arrivano! Per il tuo tipo di blog però sarebbe interessante!Ilaria

  6. lucessories says:

    Hey Marinella, I think it is a pretty good idea. It’ll make sure that one has different content on one’s blog. And that it doesn’t just become stagnant with the same stuff everyday. Maybe I should try it too. 😛 Thanks for the post! 🙂

  7. iaiaecris says:

    love love love!!!
    Kiss Cris

  8. Clàudia says:

    I really think this is a good idea! i’ll think about to try it too 🙂

  9. Arhitektura says:

    I follow this as well leaving some uncertintly half way through. Monday, tue, wed are usially architecture, art, interiors. Thur is travel thursday and splash of colour friday 🙂 saturday inspirational weekend usually what just pictures what inspires me then. I also have everyday of the week 5@5 which is 5 inspirational photos of that day. I think its good to follow makes my content much easier to research.
    I will sure follow all ur days 🙂

  10. Eva Tornado says:

    it’s amazing idea to make schedule! ^^

  11. I definitely use one as a jumping off point… I have 2 ideas per day, and sometimes I use both, sometimes 1, every once in awhile neither. I find it helps me stay creative.

  12. federica says:

    sinceramente non ne avevo sentito parlare…però potrebbe aiutare chi non sa bene cosa postare o quando le idee mancano, ma anche io sono come te e preferisco postare instintivamente!!!


  13. evi says:

    it is really a good idea!i think that it will help you a lot!
    i will try this!

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