Green inspiration #53_the place of your dreams???

July 05, 2012

Which is the place of your dreams? I love the sweet treehouse, the London courtyard full of colors, the white interior from Marrakesch & the carpets towards the sea! The polka dots house is funny! ❤

Qual è il posto dei vostri sogni? Io amo la casa sull’ albero, il cortile di Londra tutto colorato, l’interno bianco di Marrakesch e i tappeti verso il mare! La casa a pois è divertente! ❤


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57 Responses to “Green inspiration #53_the place of your dreams???”

  1. modgam says:

    oh my!!! i cannot decide between the treehouse, the colorful surroundings or relaxing nice blue sea or the polkadot one! arghhhh… hahaaaa

  2. fridaspeach says:

    I gotta have that kind of bed one day <3

    These pictures are as taken straight out of some of my dreams, I always end up such places 🙂


  3. wow gorgeous houses! I’ve always wanted a tree house!

  4. neal’s yard salad bar looks great.

  5. My favorite? My backyard… Honestly, no better place.

  6. How to choose just one? That’s tuff. I Love them all!

  7. I heart the tree house!

  8. barbielaw06 says:

    Reblogged this on lifeoutsideoflaw and commented:
    What is the place of your dreams? I’m thinking on it now and hope to pin it together in the next day or two – what a great challenge!

  9. ChizOh says:

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  10. I love all the pictures the rugs and bedrooms especially, ok the polka dotted house also

  11. bargaindiva says:

    I love the carpets to the sea and the white interior!

  12. shiroknowes says:

    Love the treehouse and the with interior from Marrakesch, so invited, bring it to me and I’ll be you so grateful…(.lol ) !

  13. Juju says:

    il posto dei miei sogni?? Tiffany… sopratutto quando ti vengono le paturnie (e a me capitano piuttosto spesso) 🙂

  14. The colorful courtyard strikes my fancy, as does the polka got house!

  15. addisoni says:

    I want to stay in that treehouse so badly!! Awesome pictures 🙂

  16. Elena says:

    I’d like to live in Paris!

  17. Joanna says:

    Although I’m in Neal’s Yard quite often I am still amazed how great it looks everytime I see this place on the photos.

    • non lo so se è solo un caso, ma entrambi i luoghi che mi mostri sono di notte…le città di notte e illuminate hanno un qualcosa di indefinito e di incredibile che colpisce il nostro senso estetico…

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