a way to celebrate Italy

June 29, 2012

I’m not the biggest fan, but yesterday Italy played a great match and we won. We are in the final! I’m happy to use this occasion to celebrate my beautiful country that is often on trouble! Have you heard about that?

una occasione per celebrare l’Italia. Non sono una grandissima tifosa, ma ieri come sicuramente tutti sapete l’Italia ha giocato una grande partita e abbiamo vinto! Siamo in finale, quindi mi sono detta perché non cogliere questa occasione per celebrare il nostro stupendo Paese che molto spesso non ci dà altro che problemi! ?!?! Voi l’avete vista?

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20 Responses to “a way to celebrate Italy”

  1. Siamo grandiiiiiiiiii:) Bel post brava.. come sempre… baci

  2. shiroknowes says:

    Si certo l’ho vista e domenica forzaaaa Italia ! Belli tutti quel articoli con la bandiera Italiana !

  3. lilarosa says:

    Mari, I am from Germany, so I was totally rooting for our team..BUT,after 15 min. of watching the game, I was like “God Italy is SO much better” and I hoped you would win..to be honest, we played embarassingly and you totally deserved it! I wish you guys the best of luck against Spain, I hope you win!Team Italy, all the way! 🙂

    • Eiii! Oh I’m sorry you are from Germany, it’s always bad to ply against friends, but thank you very much for your fair play. i was so pleased to hear also your coach and everybody say we played very well and that we deserved. I have to admit we always do things badly, but this time we did great! baci bella

      • lilarosa says:

        Don’t worry Love, your team deserved to win! Italy played just excellent football! Finger’s crossed they win on Sunday, i’ll definitely be watching and cheering for you guys!Kisses

      • ei rosa, thank you so much for your love! Let’s hope Italy will at least play as good as against Germany! I’m going to see the match outside on one of the maxiscreen located in rome :-)! Happy you are going to watch us!!!

  4. They are in finals of the soccer tournament, aren’t they? Congratulations!

  5. Juju says:

    Chi l’avrebbe mai detto che sarebbe arrivata in finale, anch’io di solito non sono un’accanita tifosa della nazionale, sebbene mi piaccia il calcio, ma con una partita come quella dell’altro giorno come si poteva rimanere indifferenti?!
    Poi contro la Germania: ha un valore simbolico che va al di là dell’aspetto sportivo.
    Ben le sta ad Angela (Merkel)!

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