Green inspiration #47

June 27, 2012

I exactly remember when I took this picture. I was in Itaca_Greece. I was not thinking as it could seem, but I was just relaxing myself lost in the light blue of the see, trying to keep that moment in my mind as long as possible. Happy Wendsday! ❤

Ricordo esattamente quando è stata scattata questa foto. Ero a Itaca_Grecia. In realtà non stavo pensando come può sembrare, ma mi stavo rilassando persa nell’azzurro del mare e cercando di conservare quel momento il più a lungo possibile nella mia mente. Buon mercoledì! ❤

CROCS violet ballerina with plastic diamond \ just Cavalli triangle bikini

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15 Responses to “Green inspiration #47”

  1. seaandswank says:

    What a beautiful picture! I want to be there right now instead of heading into work.

    Sea and Swank

  2. Evi says:

    Happy that you find my country beautiful and find some time to relax!great photo! Talkingaboutf.blogspot.gr

  3. janinevasta says:

    Bellissima foto. Sei fantastica e l’unica persona che conosco che sa indossare le crocs per bene! ;-).

  4. iaiaecris says:

    foto strepitosa!
    Kiss Cris

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