day 4-5-6 last mix from Ancient Egypt

May 22, 2012

Since we had embarked on Princess Sarah days went away frantically. Almost everyday the alarm clock rang at 6 a.m. to avoid going out in the hottest hours – there were 38° at 8 a.m.  We have seen the West Bank of the city -where there is the after life city – and the East Bank of the city – the living part-. A swim in the pool, a Suk (local market), the feluca and thousand of shades here and there. This is the last post from that enchanted world with its history and its beauty but always accompanied by strong internal tensions and contradictions. What I can not show to you, unfortunately, are the constant sounds: the call of Mohizin, the sellers who call you incessantly and the quiet noise of the Nile.

Da quando ci siamo imbarcati su Princess Sarah i giorni sono passati freneticamente. Sveglia al massimo alle 6a.m. per evitare le ore più calde – alle 8am c’erano già 38°-. Abbiamo visto la città dell’aldilà -Riva Ovest e la città dei vivi -Riva Est-. Qualche bagno in piscina, il Suk, la felunca e mille sfumature qua e là. Questo è l’ultimo post da quel mondo incantato che insieme alla sua storia e alle sue bellezze è accompagnato da forti contraddizioni e tensioni interne. Quello che non posso trasmettervi purtroppo sono i suoni costanti: il richiamo del Mohizin, i venditori che ti chiamano incessantemente e il rumore silenzioso del Nilo.

princess sarah swimming pool

 crazy cleaning guy and his surprises il suk

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29 Responses to “day 4-5-6 last mix from Ancient Egypt”

  1. Wow looks like it was a very nice trip 😀

  2. these are stunning! I hope you had/have fun! <3

  3. PrincessPAM says:

    Che viaggio affascinante! Anch’io ero recentemente in un paese islamico, cioè a Istanbul, trovo che abbiano un fascino tutto particolare!

    • E’ verissimo, non solo sono posti stupendi, ma le loro contraddizioni e anche la loro religione li rende ancora più incredibili e affascinanti! vorrei andare anche a istanbul, deve essere meravigliosa! baciii

  4. Lady Kate says:

    I love Egypt, I have been before and I am going back in July! It is a beautiful country x

    • yes it is! it was my first time and I couldn’t imagine how beautiful and incredible it is! Where are you going??? xxx

      • Lady Kate says:

        I am going to Sharm El Sheikh which is the more touristy part but we hope to get out and see some of the sights 🙂 xx

      • yes it is. I haven’t been there, I visited il Cairo and Ancient Egypt, but I know that from Sharm you can go to visit LUXOR, that is one of the place in the pics where our boat stopped two days! if you have the chance to leave the beach for a day go!

  5. Great pictures! Looks like you had a great time 🙂

  6. Looks like a great place to visit!

  7. elliagars1 says:

    Oh wow these photos are AMAZING 🙂 I have always wanted to go – so jealous!

  8. Great pics of Egypt. I was there years ago, and it was fantastic, and yes, very HOT! Thanks for stopping by my blog recently….and seeing as you are in Rome – pls go eat some chocolate brioche for moi!

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