See through bags. Yes or not?

April 27, 2012

I’ve always liked transparent bags, but I’ve always considered them suitable for containing pen, perfect for a beauty, cool to go the beach. Honestly I’ve never expected to see them on almost all the catwalks for this spring \ summer 2012 collection. I do not know what do you think about it, but maybe I’ll remain “conservative” on this point – even if some of them are really beautiful-. Anyway I’d like “to save”: the transparent bag by Furla and the completely transparent clutch- definitely trés chic. Do you like them? Are you willing to spend almost as much as a normal bag for these transparent tote bags?? Ah, of course if somebody would present me  I’ll probably change my mind:-D. Here in Italy begins a long weekend. Enjoy! xxx

Borse see through, Si o No? Mi sono sempre piaciute le borse trasparenti, ma le ho sempre considerate un accessorio adatto come porta penne, perfetto come bauty per il figo per il mare. Onestamente non mi sarei mai aspettata di vederle su quasi tutte le passerelle di questa collezione primavera\estate 2012. Non so voi cosa ne pensiate, ma forse rimango tradizionalista su questo punto – anche se alcune sono davvero belle- e continuerei a usarle al massimo per la spiaggia….salverei la borsa trasparente di Furla e la clutch completamente trasparente – definitivamente tres chic. A voi piacciono? Siete disposte a spendere quasi quanto una borsa normale per queste transparent tote bag??? Ah, ovviamente se me le regalassero cambierebbe tutto :-D. Qui in Italia comincia un lunghissimo week end di ponte. Enjoy! xxx

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31 Responses to “See through bags. Yes or not?”

  1. modgam says:

    as much as i adore them, i find it kinda hard cos in order to make the see thru bag looks good, i have to think of many other nice or cute adorable little bags to store every other stuffs i have in my bag so that it doesnt look messy. and there are certain things a lady need and we wont want to accidentally expose it to our date. haha

  2. I had a huge transparent tote in black bought from a flea market a decade ago, and the guy gave me the matching pouch, hehe. I LOVED IT and carried it everyday until the strap tore *sob* I loved it because it was huge and because its black, it was too transparent. 🙂

  3. transparent bags are some kind of dilemma in a way, I tend to consider mine as a personal treasure chest. Do you want anyone to see your treasures? I´d say not always. Thanks for sharing though, these designs are gorgeous!

  4. I love them but the contents of my bag is a mess – loose tobacco, tampons and used tissues. Nobody needs to see that. I’d probably only put really chic things in it then carry another bag with my actual everyday stuff in it. I especially love the Prada one and the little box ones. Great post x

  5. janinevasta says:

    Haha. I love this post! I’m not a fan of the clear bag look. Not even when burberry does it. 😉 A girl needs a bit of mystery where a bag’s concerned… great post! Buon weekend!! Jx

  6. loveisabella says:

    I agree! A bag holds a woman’s secrets and is one of the remaining things that mystifies men. My husband won’t even look into my purse even when given permission. xo

  7. credo si debba essere mooolto ordinate per permettersi una borsa trasparente. quindi io non sono per niente adatta.

  8. I’m such a mess 🙂 I can’t imagine! And where do you hide all the stuff you hide??

  9. I have too many differents things in my bag to show them to everyone, the good thing is you can find the telephone very quickly.
    Happy weekend! 🙂

  10. Hi Mari! I’ve nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award!
    If you decide you’d like to accept, check out our post…xx ~ Trèsors De Luxe!

  11. I have a Furla Candy bag, from the xmas collection, it’s red, and I LOVE it 🙂 it’s not that see-thru as you would guess…:)

  12. Love them!
    In fact there is a vintage lucite one that I would love to own.
    Maybe once the fashion fast is finished! 🙂

  13. piaugarte says:

    I find them really cute!! Unfortunately, my bags get really messy and I don’t want to show that off! haha maybe if I was a neater person! :p

  14. As long as you aren’t carrying a tampon… I give them the green light!!!


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