Light&Deep with Chiffon&Wool between Water&Flowers moodboard

April 21, 2012

I’ve collected all these images together in a moodboard because they inspire me relax, quietness, beauty & dream…I hope you could be inspired as much as I did! Where is your mind bringing you? In Japan with cherry trees blooming or under the see looking for something forgotten? xxx

Leggero&Profondo con Chiffon&Lana tra Acqua&Fiori moodboard. Ho raccolto queste immagini in questo “tavola del mio umore” perché insieme queste foto mi comunicano una sensazione di relax, tranquillità, bellezza e sogno….Spero vi possano ispirare tanto quanto hanno fatto con me! Dove vi sta portando la vostra mente? In Giappone con i ciliegi in fiori o sott’acqua a cercare qualcosa di dimenticato? xxx

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16 Responses to “Light&Deep with Chiffon&Wool between Water&Flowers moodboard”

  1. che bella composizione!

  2. The cherry tree photo is amazing! These colors are rocking spring summer 2012 🙂

  3. This is absolutely beautiful. I feel so relaxed too!

  4. Great composition!!! I’m also in love with these colors, you can feel the spring when you dress them!

  5. mint… I love it … this summer my closet will be minty :))

  6. wilddarts says:

    Love the under water picture!!

  7. omg…adore the lower left photo. it couldn’t be real, could it???
    ~ Trèsors De Luxe!

    • I DEFINITELY adore that pic!!! It is a so cool idea to dive in a luxury apartment. I guess it is a photomontage….probably it could be real, but only in our dreams :-P. baciiii

  8. ererpereNit says:

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